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Codefest Marathon 2018 is the 6th edition of Codefest Tech Festival, this time coming much bigger and to the tastes of different tech lovers.

Codefest Marathon comes in three tracks: 

Codefest Marathon Junior - for kids younger than 16 years. 

Codefest Marathon Student - for high school students above 17 years old and university students.

Codefest Marathon Pro - for professionals, freelancers, employees from tech companies, etc.

Codefest Marathon is 32 hours long challenge where in teams of 2-5 members, participants should build a solution from scratch - from idea to prototype/demo.

Some Facts from Codefest 2013 – 2017

+700 Participants
165 Projects
52 Different partners
+20 Nationalities

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Codefest Marathon 2018, Judges and Mentors

Work with some of the best field experts from tech, entrepreneurship and investment areas


Gary Stewart / Director of Wayra UK and Telefonica Open Future

Gary Stewart

Director of Wayra UK and Telefonica Open Future

Gary Stewart is the Director of Wayra UK and Telefonica Open Future (UK). He is also an associate professor and the Entrepreneur-In-Residence at IE Business School in Madrid. Gary co-founded Nuroa.es, a Barcelona start-up that raised over €4M in funding before being sold to an Australian competitor. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Gary worked as a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in London, and Freshfields Brackhaus Deringer in Spain.


Fathi Abdelsalam / Founder of Akibah

Fathi Abdelsalam

Founder of Akibah

Fathi is a social entrepreneur based out of San Jose, California. He founded Akibah Health while finishing his graduate studies at Cornell University. He is very passionate about developing solutions that have substantial social and economic impact and is a member of several entrepreneurial communities, including Techstars, Sprint Accelerator, Jumpstart Foundry, Parallel 18, and Seamless IoT. As a former senior-level Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in Washington, he has personally prosecuted thousands of cutting-edge software and high-tech inventions. He has also served as a mentor at Start-Up Chile and Startup Weekend. 

Maria Nemenman / Competitive Intelligence and Research for Startups

Maria Nemenman

Competitive Intelligence and Research for Startups

Maria is a cross-industry market researcher working with entrepreneurs and investors.  After 8 years of work in Israeli startups, she dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs to evaluate their development strategies by delivering reliable research on business environment, competitive landscape, and customer behavior.  With the research skills gained in over 70 projects in a variety of industries, she is here to help with shaping your idea to achieve product-market fit and creating appealing investor pitch.

Ljuba Youngblom / Entrepreneur in Residence

Ljuba Youngblom

Entrepreneur in Residence

Ljuba is an entrepreneur, product manager, designer, and technologist. He was a co-founder of the successful San Francisco startup Automatic, where he was the head of Product and Design. He takes a systems approach to solving problems, and is currently traveling through the Balkans mentoring local startups and entrepreneurs.





Because there is no top without the climb, and we would like to make the climb with you.

The application deadline for Codefest Marathon 2018 is Friday, March 23, 2018. In order to be eligible for Codefest Marathon 2018, you need to meet a few criteria:

1. Your team should have min. 2 and max. 5 members
2. You should apply with an idea only.
3. You should not have any work done on your idea upfront, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Are you ready to take the challenge?


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Who can participate?

Codefest Marathon is open to all interested individuals, from junior level, to students and even professionals. There are 3 distinct tracks of the marathon events; junior, student and pro. If you have any interest at all in startups, development and design, that makes you immediately eligible for Codefest Marathon. Form a team with some tech friends and apply!

How can we apply?

Once you formed your team, you should fill in our application form here. All you need to have is an idea about a project you'd like to work on at Codefest Marathon. After the application deadline, we will review all applications and we will select the team who will take the challenge to compete at Codefest Marathon.

Should we prepare upfront?

No! All you need is your idea, and all your creativity and skills. The challenge is to develop a prototype based on your idea within 32 hours, at Codefest Marathon. Any upfront prepared work will not be accepted and will be disqualified.

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