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Who can participate?

Codefest Marathon is open to all interested individuals, from junior level, to students and even professionals. There are 3 distinct tracks of the marathon events; junior, student and pro. If you have any interest at all in startups, development and design, that makes you immediately eligible for Codefest Marathon. Form a team with some tech friends and apply!

How can we apply?

Once you formed your team, you should fill in our application form here. All you need to have is an idea about a project you'd like to work on at Codefest Marathon. After the application deadline, we will review all applications and we will select the team who will take the challenge to compete at Codefest 2016 Marathon.

Should we prepare upfront?

No! All you need is your idea, and all your creativity and skills. The challenge is to develop a prototype based on your idea within 32 hours, at Codefest Marathon. Any upfront prepared work will not be accepted and will be disqualified.

Can we change our idea after we are accepted?

After your application has been accepted for Codefest Marathon, your idea cannot be changed. Changing your idea afterwards will not be accepted and will be disqualified.

What technologies can we use?

You are allowed to use any combination of technologies that you think will be the best in the implementation of your idea into a prototype.

What is the criteria for selecting the winners?

All products will be marked according to a few criteria such as: the business potential, the completeness and innovative aspect of the idea, UI/UX and design, platform integration (multi-platform), completeness of the core product/conceptwithin the 32 hours, marketability, etc.

Can we use online help during Codefest marathon?

You are allowed to use online tutorials and resources during Codefest marathon, but you are not allowed to use a full project and/or plagiarize in any way.

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